Yes. Please read the page dedicated to this topic HERE

Yes. Especially with the American vehicles, it appears that there are many dreamers and "fly-by-nighters" with no proven history in this country, that simply sell nothing more than empty promises and photos. Don't be fooled. These guys, whilst talking the talk, and having flashy websites, are grossly undercapitalised, and simply sell promises and photos, not cars. All the promises they make about importing your car, but with your cash upfront on a vehicle you haven't seen, and having them converted to RHD in a third world country overseas is fraught with danger. Typically, they promise that you will have your car in a very short timeframe- the truth is that they have taken your money, and then ask you to pay for a conversion upfront before you see it, and most have had waiting times of OVER ONE YEAR for delivery.... and worst of all, there is no backup to help you resolve all the issues that they seem to be experiencing with the conversion. All we say to anyone going down this path is: "good luck, you will need it...."

Dont be fooled by these dreamers and con-men. Our cars are converted here in Australia, by Australians with over 30 years experience in the trade.  And best of all, you can come and drive the car today you are going to own, and drive home tomorrow, for a price that is no different in real terms than what the dreamers are offering! Its a no-brainer. Call to discuss if you need further clarification of these issues...

Of course! We have done many special orders of all kinds over the years, and have made many clients very happy locating the exact vehicle of their dreams. As you can imagine, there is no way we can possibly keep every variant, colour or spec of the vehicles we specialise in on the floor. However, for example, if you were looking at a black Camaro we have in stock, and you wanted a yellow Transformers edition, no problems, we will get it. After an auto not a manual? Cool, consider it done!

We have our trusted agents on the ground 24/7 in The USA, Japan and Europe, and we can track down a vehicle to your exact requirements. We guarantee that we will get the vehicle you are after or your money back, its that simple. In saying that, you would be the first one to have money refunded in over 15 years of business...

The importation of race/rally cars has become far more restricted than it once was. DOTARS have very stringent requirements for such imports, and generally you must have at least a Level 3 competition license and be able to demonstrate active participation within the sport (ie results, entry lists etc). This, combined with the fact that it is no longer possible to obtain "rally rego" as such, means that in most cases it simply isn't worthwhile to do a vehicle for race/rally use only. If its an EVO you're after, as we get asked many times, its better to simply buy one that is fully complied and road registered, and then modify it, so it can ultimately always revert back to a road registerable vehicle. Far less trouble in the long run, and also will always allow it to retain its value as most like the convenience of being able to drive their car to the track legally.

Sorry, no. We have closed the parts division permanently in late 2011. On occasion, we dispose of excess parts we acquire from time to time on Ebay. Keep an eye out for our listings, username TOYSHOP2003. 

Note that we also DO NOT bring in parts from the US or elsewhere as special orders, nor do we share our container space.