OUR COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT: "We only import and sell vehicles that we would be happy to own ourselves."

Experience is our difference...

We have seen many "would be's" come and go over the time, but we are here to stay, and have been through the good times and the bad.

The Toyshop Automotive Imports started in the suburb of Cardiff in Newcastle, NSW, over 15 years ago. It was a passion for fast, mainly Japanese cars that inspired owner/director Brad Host to start importing performance parts and halfcuts from Japan. Humble beginnings soon turned into a flourishing business with larger premises required, and this is where the move to the current purpose built location in Beresfield occurred. Here the business progressed into the importation and compliance of Performance Japanese vehicles including all the popular models of the time. Hoards of Supras, Skylines, RX7s, Silvias, Evo’s, and GTRs have all been imported over the years amongst many hard-to-find classic Mazda Rotaries as well.

Times change, and it simply got harder and harder to maintain a viable business importing parts, and the hard decision was made in 2009 to shut the parts division down altogether. At this time The Toyshop Automotive Imports decided to move into greener pastures, acquiring River City Compliance, thus becoming a RAWS (Registered Automotive Workshop) for the purposes of becoming a one stop shop. WE BUY. WE COMPLY. WE SELL TO YOU.

This left the business to concentrate on it’s specialty, importing and complying high quality performance enthusiast vehicles. Late model American Vehicles were assessed and the decision made to add fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro and fourth generation Dodge Ram to the list of Japanese vehicles already on the RAWS list. The right hand drive conversions are carried out in house by a team of highly skilled and experienced staff, headed by industry legend, Wayne Breese, who's work is regarded as some of the highest quality conversions in the business.

And we were very proud when voted "Best Importer" by Performance Imports Magazine. 


The Toyshop is always looking for new opportunities and vehicles to add to the schedule, and 2014 will see a UK-sourced medium sized truck in varied specialist applications added to it’s growing list of vehicles on the schedule.

Watch this space!